Achieving your goals through outsourcing

Outsorcing is now the essential tool to any company

What Our Global Outsorcing Capabilities Can Do For YOU

Business Process

  1. Finance & Accounting
  2. Marketing
  3. Procurement
  4. Human Resources-Talent Mgt.- HR
  5. Health
  6. Sales /Administration
  7. Training & Education
  8. Engineering Solutions
  9. Aviation
  10. Call Centers-Customer Service
  11. Hotel and Tourism
  12. Transportation
  13. Project Management
  14. Data Entry
  15. Management Services
  16. Outplacement
  17. Team Coaching
  18. One-One-Coaching


How we do it...

At HRBC Outsorcing Solutions, we create value for our customers by following a unique six (6) stage outsourcing process. This outsourcing process enables us to ensure the smooth transition and the quick completion of the outsourced project in promised time and predetermined budget.

  1. Establishing contact between your company & HRBC
  2. Understanding your outsourcing requirements
  3. Deciding on pricing 
  4. When to start
  5. Signing Agreement
  6. Quality execution

1 or 100? Entire Department? Not a problem...

For our clients, the idea of outsourcing activities that are not core to their mission is an appealing option. We provide a model that allows them to move away from complex and inefficient HR, Accounting, Security and IT environments.

  • Service desk outsourcing
  • Workplace outsourcing
  • Data center outsourcing
  • Network outsourcing
  • IT/HR spending management
  • Cross-functional Service

Action. Passion. Energy. Results.Flexibilty.Done.

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