Executive Coaching

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Our Executive Coaching Programs

We will help you transform the way you think, feel, and act. We accomplish this through our own commitment to learning and through executive coaching, assessment, leadership development programs, and organizational consulting.

Why is coaching used?

  • To increase performance; to increase focused attention
  • To develop high potential employees
  • To manage heavy workload and manage stress
  • To improve decision-making: minimize risk and increase potential for success
  • To build organization health
  • To dig out fresh ideas, challenge old thinking
  • To keep a clear head when things are changing

Leadership Development

Unique to our leadership program is the way our programs, workshops and one on one, are designed and delivered.  We encourage leaders to teach what they need to learn. Through this process leaders marshal the energy of participants to collaborate, innovate, and achieve results. Participants become self-aware, and aware of the impact they have on others. Additionally, they learn to alter their behavior according to their awareness and the situation.

This comprehensive development opportunity is designed for mid-level managers and senior leaders. The program is organized in five modules: Principle Based Leadership, Learning and Decision Making, Dynamic Organizations and Change Readiness, Driving Performance and Talent Building.

Talent Assessment

Second only to learning, our consultant's experience literally over thousands of assessments. Acquisition and development of talent is the cornerstone for success in business. Our talent assessment process provides a special lens to look at stable personality characteristics, cognitive functioning, and a snapshot of how a leader is perceived in the workplace.  We target specific improvement opportunities for development. Understanding a person's strengths and limitations prior to hiring or promoting provides vital information to determine what, if any, investment is best for your business.

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